selected works
Title Author
"I Said Top-Top" M.O. Abbott
"Ma" - moving silent and bustle Masatsune Yoshio
... e mezzo Rikhardur H Fridriksson
《Water and Fire》 Ming Li
€¢h¤$ (2016) for percussion and electronics Martim Galvao
<Tai Chi>for Pipa and computer Tian Zhao
040117 Madrigal (2017) Ramin Amir Arjomand
Andata e ritorno del flusso luminoso Mikako Mizuno
Aphasia Lidia Zielinska
As Far As The Eye Can See Marta Gentilucci
Astraglossa or first steps in celestial syntax Helga Arias
Aurora for Sheng and Electronics Youngjae Cho
Autumn Expression ( 秋日遣懷) Yu-Chung Tseng
becoming space Carlos Guedes / Susana Santos Silva / Jorge Queijo
Bucolic & Broken Pierre Alexandre Tremblay
Cello(s) jason woolley
Changing Xiaohu Du
Chaotic Particles Yinong Xie
Cimmerian Isolation Nathaniel Haering
circles Barry Moon
Cloud and Mist —— for Guqin and Electronic Music Yu Li
Concrete Cloudscape Zhixin Xu
down the bottle Alexander Sigman
'Dust' for two percussion and 2ch tape hyewon Kim
Electroacoustic music work: Paradox I - III (2017) duration: 9 min. 40 sec. George Nikolopoulos
Enhanced Phenotype_Shanghai Se-Lien Chuang / Andreas Weixler
Enterface Chi Wang
Epione Ida Duelund / Hester Bolle
Five Works for Piri and 4-Channel Audio Anthon De Ritis
Form Riddle ~ for interactive multimedia and computer system ~ Mamoru Takano
Gravity's Horizon Neal Farwell
Hearing the Self: A Spectral Experience Lucia Dora Simonelli / Matias Gonzalo Delgadino / Federico Nicolas Camara Halac
Hybrids Pedro González Fernández
Imaginary optics Maxime Corbeil-Perron
Integration Hongshuo Fan
Interactive Sound Installation "Co-Rolling" SABURO HIRANO
Irama Felipe Otondo
Irides Aki Pasoulas
knowing one's sound Jim Murphy / Jon He / Na Wu
Life Is But A Dream, for Zheng and 5.1 channel electronics sound Sing Nga Yung
Momentary Meditation Michael Spicer
Moments - A Continuous Generative Music Installation Arne Eigenfeldt
Mozia Massimiliano Tonelli
Multimedia improvisation with brain waves for cello, live electronics and image processing Haruka Hirayama / Masao Yokoyama
Murmurations on Palestrina Eric Honour
Music for Marimba and Computer Cort Lippe
O Brother! Neil Rolnick
Of the Swan Pete Stollery
Ondulation Ye Shen
Pacific Bell Tower (installation) PerMagnus Lindborg
Pastoral Anqi Liu
Pathfinder Christos Michalakos
Prayer Wheel Fang Wan
Qin---for YangQin and 8 channels Electronic Censong Leng
Quiver Rob van Rijswijk
Redundancy and Sign Hiromu Takano
Reservoir Kotoka Suzuki
RESTLESS- For Cello, Electroacoustic and Live Electronics (2017) Yung-Hui Yang
Ringing Juraj Kojs
Ripples Qian Zhou
said to her pour bande 萌能 李
scanline: fp Ryoho Kobayashi
sonnet of light,shadow and illusion(光影与假象的十四行诗) chenyu sun
Sparks fragments for Violoncello and computer Mariko Endo
Spheroid Erik Nystrom
Spirit of Sword - for Flute and Max/MSP Mengjie Qi
Synthetic Electro Replicant Dave Payling
Tell Me What to Do Constantin Basica
tempora mutantur Chin Ting Chan
Ten-yaku Ⅲ "exchanging breaths" Mizuki Kobayashi
that which is about us Alexander Dupuis
The Ink Colors (For Xun and electronic music) Yunpeng Li
Time flows... for bass-flute/flute, guitar, percussion and computer Takayuki Rai
TOKYO District 7 for piano and live electronics Hibiki Mukai
Twilight Shift Benjamin Broening
Uni- for Sho, Recorder, Live electronics and Image I-lly CHENG
Untrammeled for clarinet, guitar and computer Tomohiro Suzuki
wh17 Soma Arai / Takuro Shibayama
Windows Left Open Sean Peuquet
Between The Words Jeffrey Stolet
Calmus Waves Kjartan Olafsson
Ignition Chia-I Lin
you were Ayano Maruhahshi
Shennongjia in ink paintings Pengyun Li
Zither is everything Qinyang Zhao
Matrix Studies (Generative A/V Composition) Patrick Gunawan Hartono
Dissolve Dan Kubo
The list above consists of selected works which have been registered.以上名单为完成注册的入选作品。