Call for Music

The International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) 2017 invites submissions of musical/sonic works for presentation at the Conference.

Please assign each to one of the following categories:

  • solo instrument + electronics
  • ensemble + electronics
  • voice + electronics
  • laptop improvisation/ live coding
  • live electronics
  • audiovisual work
  • new interface for musical expression
  • multimedia performance
  • noise music
  • technology aided music theater / dance (small scales)
  • DIY instruments and performance
  • Miscellaneous/Off-ICMC
  • Electroacoustic/Tape Music

The call is open to all composers regardless of nationality, age or career stage. Works should not exceed 15 minutes. Works of 10 minutes or less are strongly encouraged!
The works should not be older than 5 years (2012) and should not have been performed at a previous ICMC conference. All works must be submitted online, through the Conference Management System.

The EMW Young Talents Commission Program

Composers who are born after 1987 are invited to submit works to be included in the EMW Young Talents Commission Program as well.
Please select “The EMW Young Talents Commission Program” as one of the multiple topics at Openconf if you wish to join the program.

The EMW Young Talents Commission Program

(all categories)

  • •    This call is open to all composers regardless of nationality, age or career stage.
  • •    Non-ICMA members can submit one work for consideration.
  • •    ICMA members may submit up to two works for consideration.
  • •    After the submission of musical works, the conference organizer will be in contact to collect ICMA membership details.
  • •    Submissions must be sent electronically only through the submission system of the ICMC 2017 website. (Please do not send submissions directly by e-mail). This link will be accessible from January 23, 2017.
  • •    Artists will be notified of the results by e-mail. Results will also be posted in our Program section.

Music Selection Process

All submissions will be subject to blind review by an international panel of experts who specialize in the submission category concerned and have online access to all submitted materials. In order to program a piece, it is necessary to meet the final deadlines for media and any other performance material as applicable (including scores and parts), in order to facilitate rehearsals and the technical organization of the concerts.

Different venues throughout the conference will have different technical capacities (more information can be found under Venues), and the concerts will be curated under each submission category (program committee) to ensure the most appropriate venue for each work. Fixed media and multimedia works may be selected for concert presentation or be programmed in one of the listening rooms.

When After the evaluations have been made and averaged (on a numerical scale), the concert curators will select compositions from those with the highest scores.

Selected artists who wish to have their pieces presented at the conference must register for the conference by July 31, 2017. Attendance by the composer is required. However, the performance may be cancelled if any of the following occur:

•    the music and necessary performance materials (parts, software, …) are not submitted by July 31, 2017;
•    the associated software does not function properly;
•    the performance materials are not sufficiently complete to allow the piece to be properly rehearsed and performed;
•    registration is not completed by July 31, 2017.

Final dress rehearsals / sound checks will be scheduled on the day of the concert.

Pieces will be automatically entered into the two music-related competitions: the ICMA Regional Composition Award and the ICMA Best Student Composition Award. They will also be considered for publication in the Music Selection on the conference Disk. Please opt out of this option on the submission form if you would prefer your piece not to compete.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the music chair Jin Ping at

Submission Materials (all categories)

All works will be submitted only online through the ICMC 2017 website. Artists submitting works should create and submit stereo MP3-formatted audio files or video files (via an online accessible link) of their pieces; in order to facilitate blind jury review, we ask that artists not include title slides or ID3 tags on their media. Technical specifications for performance and performer scores should be submitted as well, in PDF format, and must be anonymous. A list of available equipment can be found on the Venues webpage. If any additional equipment is required, proposals should specify what can be provided by the artist/composer and what the conference is expected to provide. Installation proposals must include a spatial/physical diagram.

Submissions must include:

•    Title of work
•    Instrumentation
•    Year
•    Duration
•    Category
•    Keywords
•    Contact information
•    Program Notes/ Project Description (500 words maximum)
•    Biography (200 words maximum)
•    Stereo MP3-formatted audio files
•    Performers required (please state if you intend to bring your own)
•    Performance scores, in PDF (if applicable, even if the performer is provided) (please note this component must be blind, i.e. no author information must be contained within the PDF)
•    Technical specifications (please see the OpenConf Music Submission Form)
•    Spatial diagram for installation and multichannel music submission
•    Ensemble parts

Fixed media works not selected for concert presentation may be programmed in one of the listening rooms. Please indicate on the submission form if you do not wish to be considered for this option.


In this category you can submit pieces that are exclusively for the Off-ICMC or which might fit better in Off-ICMC than in any of the previous categories (e.g. Game Audio or jingles). A piece can be reassigned to one of the previous categories at the discretion of the music chair.

Call for Installation

This category is for audio installations using up to 8.1 audio systems, pre-recorded or real-time generated, plus video or lights, and with or without interaction.